Forum for Impact launched in London on 5th March 2020. Forum for Impact is a collaboration between Forum and world leaders in impact and sustainable investment. Forum for Impact represents many of the world’s leading family office principals and private business owners. Forum for Impact heads up an alliance of six world significant societies, brought together to promote the growing need to invest in companies seeking to generate positive social and environmental impact alongside financial return.

Michael Meehan

Chairman, UK Sustainable Investment & Finance Association

Michael has been involved in sustainability and impact for almost 20 years, starting out in Silicon Valley in the carbon finance space and then leading several companies in sustainable technologies.

He went on to become the CEO of the Global Reporting Initiative, the global standard for sustainability information for tens of thousands of corporations and investors worldwide. Over the years Michael has worked with the White House, the United Nations, and the World Economic Forum on impact and sustainability, and has led sustainable finance projects throughout the world such as the South Pacific Climate Investment Partnership, sustainable infrastructure funds for indigenous peoples in Australia and Canada, and working with the UN to develop and launch the Sustainable Development Goals within the business and finance communities.

Michael lives in London and sits on the boards of several institutions focused on impact finance and chairs the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association, a large group of sustainable investors with over $7 trillion in assets under management.


Simon Jacot de Boinod

Founder, Forum

Simon is the founder of Forum, a global network of principals and experts, all personally invited to join by members of its Advisory Board. There are five membership chapters: London; New York; Singapore, Dubai and Vienna, with additional members residing in 20 further cities worldwide. The membership is deliberately eclectic in its mix – a peer group [male & female] drawn from the senior échelons of the business community and family offices with journalists, economists, politicians, public speakers, academics, designers, writers and those working in the arts also included within the number.