A membership of principals and experts – across the world – inter-connecting, hosting one another, exchanging ideas, sharing connections, writing business. Forum is a global network, started in London in 2010. All members are personally invited to join by the club’s Advisory Board. There are five chapters: London; New York; Singapore, Vienna and Dubai, with additional members residing in further cities worldwide. 


The membership of principals and experts is deliberately eclectic in its mix – a peer group [male & female] drawn from the senior échelons of the business community and family offices with journalists, economists, politicians, public speakers, academics, designers, writers and those working in the arts also included within the number.


The value of Forum is the connectivity engendered between members, worldwide. From the outset, new Forum members are introduced to each other personally by the founder. Thereafter, a strategic programme of introductions is managed [on a personal level] for each member. Forum is a membership of principals and experts: a peer group. As such, trust abounds and discretion is absolute. Contacts are happily shared and significant business is written between the members. When travelling, members are connected to other Forum members in the cities they are visiting, where the latter are happy to host the former, sharing ideas and connections. Through the year, members also gather at private events hosted frequently in London, New York, Singapore and Vienna. The calendar includes geo-political breakfasts, lunches and dinners [headed by keynote speakers], arts evenings and drinks parties. In total, forty events a year.


Forum’s membership will close at 300 members, by the end of 2020. Currently, there are 240 members. The remaining places will be offered to individuals through the recommendation of the club’s Advisory Board.


The 300 membership will reside across 30 cities:

North America: Los Angeles; San Francisco; Chicago; Miami; Toronto; Montreal; Vancouver; Bermuda [+ New York chapter]

Europe: Dublin; Berlin; Munich; Milan; Geneva; Paris; Zurich [+ London and Vienna chapters]

Asia: Kuala Lumpur; Hong Kong; Shanghai; Manila; Jakarta; Sydney, Delhi and Mumbai [+ Singapore chapter]

Middle East/Africa: Abu Dhabi; Muscat [+ Dubai chapter]